Monday, February 1, 2010

Writeup on the life & background of Jason Hamilton (just a copy of what appeared in the Boise Weekly 1.5 years ago):
PART 1 and 2: Portrait of a murderer in small town-Idaho

It was another quiet Saturday night in Moscow back in May 2007 when a staccato of gunshots rang out a few blocks up the hill from the strip of familiar bars and coffee shops along Main Street.

The shots, which quickly accelerated from dozens to hundreds of rounds, were heard all over town.

Read all of it here: Massacre in Moscow (W Dr. Tracy's comments)

Read Nathaniel Hoffman's original Boise Weekly articles here:
Massacre in Moscow -- PART 1: Portrait of a murderer in small town-Idaho

Massacre in Moscow -- Part II: The wake of mental illness, guns and domestic violence

Mother of a mass murderer

Moscow Shooting Map

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