Saturday, June 2, 2007

Daily News column on mental illness & Jason Hamilton

Interesting column in the Moscow Daily News on June 1 entitled "HER VIEW: Don't confuse mental illness with criminality", written by a licensed psychologist named Elise Hamilton.


By all accounts I have heard his entire history of "mental illness" was an
evaluation at St. Joseph's Medical Center after a suicide attempt in February
and an order by the court for him to get counseling, which he ignored. By those
accounts, all other aspects of his history are purely criminal.


However, to link his criminal behavior with mental illness in general is a
huge slap in the face to all of the many kind, sane, law-abiding citizens whom I
treat every day in my practice.


Let's not confuse mental illness with criminality. That would be


Brandy said...

I'm not sure if you have left out some of this article or if this psychologist didn't get all the details. Jake checked himself in at least two times involuntarily because he was afraid of his state of mind. The psychiatrists there sent him home after a few hours, refusing him to be admitted.They told him he was good to go. If anything is known about bi-polar disorde it's that finding the right meds are important. Newspapers might want to look into what they put him on and how often they changed it BEFORE letting it take affect. I know. I was there. There may have been more times, but they stil let him go. This is no excuse for the crime he committed but it makes you wonder what kind of mental health system we have here in Idaho. Brandy

Mike said...

I think the psychologist didn't get all the details. Idaho's mental health system certainly warrants some debate.

Thank you for the informative feedback.