Sunday, May 27, 2007

Siblings of Jason Kenneth Hamilton

Father Cloide Hamilton & stepmother Randea Fordack (all half-siblings)

  • Brianna S. Hamilton 30 Jul 1975 Contra Costa Co, CA
  • Cloide Kenneth Hamilton 4 May 1978 Contra Costa Co, CA
  • Nichole Ranae Hamilton 6 Oct 1979 Contra Costa Co, CA
  • Sarah Elizabeth Hamilton 19 Apr 1981 Contra Costa Co, CA (appears to have maried Feras Abdel Almasri 15 Nov 2002 Fresno Co., CA)

There were some additional names associated with Hamilton & Fordack in CA, but my guess is that they are extended Hamilton family:

  • Kenneth K. Hamilton
  • Randy K. Hamilton
  • Sydney Hamilton
  • Gregory Wayne Hamilton
  • Reagan (also Reagen) M. Hamilton

Mother Rebecca Germen Hamilton Achord & stepfather Samuel G. Achord (not sure these are their daughters together -- half-sisters -- or Samuel Achord's daughters by a previous marriage -- stepsisters)

  • Molly Dyer Achord, born approx. 1974
  • Mattie L. Achord, born approx. 1977


aliciaf said...

the fordacks are extend family the the hamiltons well kinda ranae is my aunt. briana nikki sarah and kenny are my cousins. jason kenneth hamilton i didnt know.

SheShe said...

My Angel Randy Hamilton Randy,Kenny and the baby Breianna Sunshine were good friends of mine and Ralph's in 1975.
I haven't seen them since I was shot, Randy was the Angel that held my hand.
My heart goes out for Jason Kenneth Hamilton

Sarah Jackson said...

Whoever this person is has it COMPLETELY WRONG about me.... Seeing as how I've never been married before nor have I ever even visited Fresno CA.... He needs to get his info straight, thanks Alicia

Sarah Jackson said...

BTW, where the fuck do YOU get your information from because I don't even have the slightest clue as to who Feras Abdel Almasri is.... If YOU WANT INFO ON ME, then why don't YOU just ask me YOURSELF?? I have a Google account, here I'll even make it easier for YOU and give you my email address and YOU can just email me directly:
There now YOU have NO REASON WHAT SO EVER to have the WRONG INFORMATION ABOUT ME.... Unless YOU choose to ignore the fact that NOW you have a way to get a hold of me.