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Jason Kenneth Hamilton: Internet Buzz

On the subject of mental illness note this earlier posting by Joan Opyr and its reference to "long history of mental illness". This is a subject not addressed by the mainstream press, whose coverage to date of Jason Kenneth Hamilton seems to be limited to the contents of 3 PDF files released by the Latah County courts. We know about his commitment and release earlier this year, but "long-term" implies a lot more than that. Sure wish we could get the whole story.

The gunman, who killed himself, was identified as Jason Hamilton, 37, a maintenance worker with a long history of mental illness and domestic violence.

A posting by Saundra Lund in Vision2020 (Moscow, ID, email discussion) indicates that Jason Kenneth Hamilton & Crystal Jones were married twice, so perhaps the apparently conflicting info I found (Nevada marriage and Kuna marriage) weren't so conflicting after all:

While the info about Crystal Hamilton's service yesterday is now dated, I'm posting the article (below my signature) from the Statesman because I think it's important that we forever remember all of Jason Hamilton's victims,including the wife who married him twice.

A posting by Joan Opyr on New West News on-line has some interesting feedback: Jason Hamilton Killed His Wife, Then Turned His Guns on the Community

By jf, 5-22-07 If you are truly interested motivations for the shootings Saturday night, don't focus on the domestic portion of this issue. Jason Hamilton was a victim himself. He attempted many times to get help from the psychiatric community. In the last 4 months he attempted to voluntarily check himself in at St. Joe's only to be released less than eight hours later. By a trained doctor. Who knew Jason's history. All of it. And ignored it. What is being touted as "involuntary commitment" for psych evaluation in January 2007 started that evening with Jason pleading to be sent to St. Joe's. He knew he was very sick. He was a tortured soul who was trying to see his way through the sickness to get help. Yes, he pulled the trigger multiple times. He is responsible for the deaths of an officer; a friend, Paul; a dear friend, Crystal. However, Crystal would be furious that the focus is on domestic violence and not the failings of the psych community. Pay attention to the real issues

By a friend, 5-22-07 jf do you know crystal personaly or are you just guessing that is what she would want becuase i personly know her and i am sure that she wouldn't want any of this anywhere on the news. she was a very private person and would have wanted it to stay that way
By jf, 5-22-07 To By a friend:Yes, I knew Crystal, and not just in passing. I knew her very well. You are so right - she was very private. But I also know how she and Jake struggled with his mental illness. If nothing else comes out of this horrible loss and pain it should at least be a scrutiny of how Jake was pushed through the system. I feel comfortable in saying I believe Crystal would agree with me.
By a friend, 5-22-07 what i don't think anyone here understands is that crystal didn't want saving she wanted to do the saving. I can't count how many times I tryed to get her to leave....she just thought that she was the only one that could help him. She loved him with all of her heart and she wanted to see him get better. it saddns me to read all the crap that people are trying to make this into. it isn't about gun control , it isn't about a systm that failed someone this is about 4 people that had familys that loved them , that are going to miss them and wanted the best for them. I just hope that we can all remember the good times that jake brought us, try to forget the bad and hope that all involoved are in a better place than this.
By A.H., 5-23-07 I knew Jason in 1997, we worked together in Meridian, Idaho. This is a very sad, sad situation. I would have never seen this coming. Jason was the first the offer help to anyone in need when I knew him. I still have a hard time believing this happened.

A MySpace user apparently knew Jason Kenneth Hamilton in Kuna, but the post is flagged as private:

MySpace handle: nofinale
Name: Joe Poe (likely a pseudonym)
Demographics: Male, 32, Payette, ID, U.S.

Appears to be a musician

Bio: "i spent the first half of my life in Kuna, Idaho ... i lived, for a time, in Pomfret/Putnam, Connecticut ... then (South/North/Downtown)Seattle/MillCreek, Washington. i missed the outdoors & was wasting too much time trying to keep up with the 'important' cliques/fashion/music of the city - and not enough time on my own projects - so i relocated to the Payette, ID - Ontario, OR area . . . ."

Posting regarding Jason Kennteth Hamilton: Remembering Jason Hamilton, Gunman

And maybe this one: Creating a Monster

Interesting that after I tried to "friend" nofinale in MySpace, I received an email from a MySpace user named Felony.

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jennie said...

I knew Jake as he was referred to by family and I even had his child looking back at our tumultous relationship I know his mental illness if any stemmed from numerous years of drug and alcohol abuse. He was my best friend, apparently my ex husband I never knew we were divorced, but I knew him from high school and his family history intimately as well as do my patents. I have since been in contact with his family his sisters and mother when I found out about what he did, I am in shock and thankful it wasn't me in crystals shoes. If he continued to follow me I would have so I dissappeared for a long time. Our son is an adult now and I am no longer afraid to speak of him now as domestic violence was a big part of his illness and why after 7 years I hid from him