Thursday, May 24, 2007

Nevada Marriage Records

14 June 1975, Randea Sue Fordack, CA, Cloide Kenneth Hamilton, CA (father, step-mother)

(1) Randea Sue Fordack is likely the Randea Sunshine Hamilton
(Hamiltondevares) that the Intelius search turned up
(2) Fordack is the mother's maiden name of his half brother Cloide Kenneth
Hamilton born 4 May 1978

8 April 1991, Randea S. Fordack, CA & Daniel M Devares, CA (step-mother's next marriage)

(3) Randea's last name was listed as Hamiltondevares in the Intelius

13 Oct. 2001, Jason Hamilton & Christy Jones (killer & victim?) married in Clark Co., NV

(4) Newspaper articles said it wasn't apparently when Jason Hamilton
married Crystal Jones. Perhaps she wrote her name as Christy, or it
was erroneously transcribed.

This last one is quite possibly a false match. See conflicting info in a newer post.

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