Sunday, May 27, 2007

Is there a corrections officer in the house?

Jason Kenneth Hamilton had two sisters from his mother's (Rebecca) re-marriage to Samuel G. Achord. I haven't ascertained whether they are half-sisters or step-sisters -- their approx. birth years of 1974 and 1977 are consistent with either.

According to an issue in the Sept., 2006, issue of DOC Talk (Idaho Dept. of Corrections newsletter), Mattie Achord completed her training and is an corrections officer for the State of Idaho. The Aug., 2006, issue of DOC Talk states:

But it’s the on-site training that hones the skills of each new officer and prepares them for real-life offender management.

That could have been a useful skillset in her immediate family. She had a great opportunity for some home schooling.

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