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Mental Health Care? And a note from Jason Hamilton's ex wife ...

Mostly just catching up on comments that need to be moderated.  You'll find a note from Jason Hamilton's ex-wife in this thread:

And regarding health care, mental health.  Here are three good example why our health care system needs to be much more responsive to people with mental health needs:
  1. 20-some children shot in Connecticut
  2. Recent suicide by internet prodigy suffering from apparently untreated depression
  3. Jason Hamilton -- this blog likely wouldn't be here if he had received the care he needed

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Younger brother Cloide Kenneth Hamilton just can't seem to get it ... busted again for parole violation 4 Nov 2011

Thursday, January 20, 2011

KLEW / AP:  Legislation would include tougher penalties for targeting dispatchers (Jan 20 2011)

A tragic 2007 shooting spree in Moscow that left four dead is still reverberating in the 2011 Idaho Legislature.

Wednesday, Idaho State Police pushed a plan to expand a law that now allows for tougher penalties against people who assault police, firefighters and jailers. They want to include those who target emergency dispatchers.

More than three years ago, gunman Jason Hamilton finished a night of drinking at a Moscow bar by killing his wife and two others, including Moscow Police Officer Lee Newbill.

He wounded three more before holing up in a church and ending his own life. During the rampage, Hamilton fired 200 shots into the sheriff's office dispatch center.

No one inside was injured, but authorities told lawmakers in the House Judiciary and Rules Committee they should also allow punishment of 25 years or more for violent perpetrators who target dispatchers in the line of duty.

Is this a real problem?

Happen often?

With perps that don't kill themselves before you get a chance to arrest them?

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Writeup on the life & background of Jason Hamilton (just a copy of what appeared in the Boise Weekly 1.5 years ago):
PART 1 and 2: Portrait of a murderer in small town-Idaho

It was another quiet Saturday night in Moscow back in May 2007 when a staccato of gunshots rang out a few blocks up the hill from the strip of familiar bars and coffee shops along Main Street.

The shots, which quickly accelerated from dozens to hundreds of rounds, were heard all over town.

Read all of it here: Massacre in Moscow (W Dr. Tracy's comments)

Read Nathaniel Hoffman's original Boise Weekly articles here:
Massacre in Moscow -- PART 1: Portrait of a murderer in small town-Idaho

Massacre in Moscow -- Part II: The wake of mental illness, guns and domestic violence

Mother of a mass murderer

Moscow Shooting Map

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

MySpace page for Jake

Apparently created by relatives post mortem:

There is no indication that he used MySpace himself.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Postings (6/17-6/20, 2007) by family & friends

Found these among a long chain of 58 replies on

This is Jason Hamilton's sister Briana. my prayers & thoughts go out to ALL Family members of the victims. all though i fell in my Heart , that if the PSYCHIATRIC EVALUATION had been LISTENED to HE (JASON) COULD HAVE GOTTEN THE REAL HELP THAT HE NEEDED. HE HAD ASKED FOR MEDICATION TO HELP HIMSELF. MY FAMILY IS IN DEEP MORN FOR BOTH JASON AND CRYSTAL. GOD IS WITH ALL OF US . AND THEY ARE NOW WITH GOD IN HEAVEN.
My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. I worked with Jason in 1998 and considered him a friend. He was always willing to help anyone that needed anything. He was nothing but kind to me and I looked forward to working a shifts with him. He made us all laugh. I will miss him and I wish that I had got to meet Crystal.
I previously had a Google Alert on them but never got around to posting.

At Last, the Story Emerges!

Nathaniel Hoffman, a write with the Boise Weekly and has finally put it together:

Massacre in Moscow -- Part 1: portrait of a Murderer in small-town Idaho

Massacre in Moscow -- Part 2: the wake of mental illness, guns and domestic violence

Mother of a mass murderer

Moscow shooting map

Friday, September 14, 2007

Another (9/14) court appearance for mother

Room Case # Defendant Prosecutor Judge
205 M0604974 Achord Rebecca J James M. Vavrek Reardon

This is a different case # (likey separate offense) from the June 7 appearance.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Mother back in court

Rebecca J. Achord (mother of Jason Kenneth Hamilton) seems to have had an appearance in the Ada County (Boise) Criminal Court schedule around June 5, 2007:

Room 206
Case #M0705843 (M is for misdemeanor vs. T for traffic)
Name: Achord Rebecca J
Prosecutor: James M. Vavrek
Judge: Reardon

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And so it goes ....

I'm getting kind of bored with the personal attacks. This is the last such example of literary excellence that will be published:

Cute picture Mikey. So what happened to you? Mom drop you on your head to many times? ... Maybe your just a pathetic little man who has no life outside the internet. I am truly sorry. Knowing the world has to suffer fools like you. ... If they needed your help they would lift the refrigerator and scrape you out from underneath. ... But for me the simple fact is YOU SUCK!! You are the kind of person who during World War Two would have turned in his own family. Your a Jackass.

Same with questions of why -- it's public info, it's a free country, the subject interests me, etc.

And their "true story" blog is just turning out to be more of the same.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

And a Blog for the Hamilton Clan ....

Despite some initial optimism that they might actually reveal a more complete story of Jason Hamilton, it's really just a another venue for name calling, so I'm removing the links.

Here is its introductory post in italics (my replies not in italics):

For those who have gone to THE ABOVE blogspot. Here will follow notes and family connections that will be protected but will show that 49.95 and a computer will not make you any sort of journalist.

I think it's been a while since I bought anything for $49.95.

I have never claimed to be a journalist. The stated purpose of the blog (for those who can't or choose not to read) is that, "Given a few pointers to contact those who might have known him, hopefully the media will take the cue and finish the story." I am simply trying to pull together as many pieces of information as I can so others might develop the story.

The above connection discloses a person greedy and hopeful of making money or infamy out of other peoples tragedies ...

My original email to various media outlets indicated that [bolding added for this post], "This blog is compiled from publicly available information on the Internet, and you are free to use it as you wish without attribution. I don't desire any publicity for this effort."

and ruining innocent people in the process to do so.

There is no attempt to "ruin" anyone. This is merely a an attempt at a factual regurgitation and linkage of public information on the internet. Any errors on my part (which thus far appear to be few) will be corrected if I become aware of them.

This fella (Mike) is not a Dominic Dunne, Diane Sawyer or Walter Cronkite. It just makes him look like a wanna be: or maybe a has been.

Perhaps I am a never been for the simple reason that I am not a journalist. Refer to the above, lest I become repetitive.

A very small mind.

You'll likely never know.

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Daily News column on mental illness & Jason Hamilton

Interesting column in the Moscow Daily News on June 1 entitled "HER VIEW: Don't confuse mental illness with criminality", written by a licensed psychologist named Elise Hamilton.


By all accounts I have heard his entire history of "mental illness" was an
evaluation at St. Joseph's Medical Center after a suicide attempt in February
and an order by the court for him to get counseling, which he ignored. By those
accounts, all other aspects of his history are purely criminal.


However, to link his criminal behavior with mental illness in general is a
huge slap in the face to all of the many kind, sane, law-abiding citizens whom I
treat every day in my practice.


Let's not confuse mental illness with criminality. That would be

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Battery charges filed/dismissed Jan. 2006

I've learned that Jason Kenneth Hamilton was arrested for battery at John's Alley [bar] in Jan. of 2006. This would have been (if my memory is correct) in the month after his arrest for attempting to strangle his girlfriend. The battery charges were dismissed.

History repeats itself. The first time he was arrested for domestic assault in San Bernardino, those charges were also dismissed, in that case because the victim declined to cooperate. I don't know any more details as to what went down at the Alley.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Jason Kenneth Hamilton: Internet Buzz

On the subject of mental illness note this earlier posting by Joan Opyr and its reference to "long history of mental illness". This is a subject not addressed by the mainstream press, whose coverage to date of Jason Kenneth Hamilton seems to be limited to the contents of 3 PDF files released by the Latah County courts. We know about his commitment and release earlier this year, but "long-term" implies a lot more than that. Sure wish we could get the whole story.

The gunman, who killed himself, was identified as Jason Hamilton, 37, a maintenance worker with a long history of mental illness and domestic violence.

A posting by Saundra Lund in Vision2020 (Moscow, ID, email discussion) indicates that Jason Kenneth Hamilton & Crystal Jones were married twice, so perhaps the apparently conflicting info I found (Nevada marriage and Kuna marriage) weren't so conflicting after all:

While the info about Crystal Hamilton's service yesterday is now dated, I'm posting the article (below my signature) from the Statesman because I think it's important that we forever remember all of Jason Hamilton's victims,including the wife who married him twice.

A posting by Joan Opyr on New West News on-line has some interesting feedback: Jason Hamilton Killed His Wife, Then Turned His Guns on the Community

By jf, 5-22-07 If you are truly interested motivations for the shootings Saturday night, don't focus on the domestic portion of this issue. Jason Hamilton was a victim himself. He attempted many times to get help from the psychiatric community. In the last 4 months he attempted to voluntarily check himself in at St. Joe's only to be released less than eight hours later. By a trained doctor. Who knew Jason's history. All of it. And ignored it. What is being touted as "involuntary commitment" for psych evaluation in January 2007 started that evening with Jason pleading to be sent to St. Joe's. He knew he was very sick. He was a tortured soul who was trying to see his way through the sickness to get help. Yes, he pulled the trigger multiple times. He is responsible for the deaths of an officer; a friend, Paul; a dear friend, Crystal. However, Crystal would be furious that the focus is on domestic violence and not the failings of the psych community. Pay attention to the real issues

By a friend, 5-22-07 jf do you know crystal personaly or are you just guessing that is what she would want becuase i personly know her and i am sure that she wouldn't want any of this anywhere on the news. she was a very private person and would have wanted it to stay that way
By jf, 5-22-07 To By a friend:Yes, I knew Crystal, and not just in passing. I knew her very well. You are so right - she was very private. But I also know how she and Jake struggled with his mental illness. If nothing else comes out of this horrible loss and pain it should at least be a scrutiny of how Jake was pushed through the system. I feel comfortable in saying I believe Crystal would agree with me.
By a friend, 5-22-07 what i don't think anyone here understands is that crystal didn't want saving she wanted to do the saving. I can't count how many times I tryed to get her to leave....she just thought that she was the only one that could help him. She loved him with all of her heart and she wanted to see him get better. it saddns me to read all the crap that people are trying to make this into. it isn't about gun control , it isn't about a systm that failed someone this is about 4 people that had familys that loved them , that are going to miss them and wanted the best for them. I just hope that we can all remember the good times that jake brought us, try to forget the bad and hope that all involoved are in a better place than this.
By A.H., 5-23-07 I knew Jason in 1997, we worked together in Meridian, Idaho. This is a very sad, sad situation. I would have never seen this coming. Jason was the first the offer help to anyone in need when I knew him. I still have a hard time believing this happened.

A MySpace user apparently knew Jason Kenneth Hamilton in Kuna, but the post is flagged as private:

MySpace handle: nofinale
Name: Joe Poe (likely a pseudonym)
Demographics: Male, 32, Payette, ID, U.S.

Appears to be a musician

Bio: "i spent the first half of my life in Kuna, Idaho ... i lived, for a time, in Pomfret/Putnam, Connecticut ... then (South/North/Downtown)Seattle/MillCreek, Washington. i missed the outdoors & was wasting too much time trying to keep up with the 'important' cliques/fashion/music of the city - and not enough time on my own projects - so i relocated to the Payette, ID - Ontario, OR area . . . ."

Posting regarding Jason Kennteth Hamilton: Remembering Jason Hamilton, Gunman

And maybe this one: Creating a Monster

Interesting that after I tried to "friend" nofinale in MySpace, I received an email from a MySpace user named Felony.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Father -- Cloide Kenneth Hamilton: Legal Documents

Note: had only one hit on Cloide Hamilton in Anderson, CA. has hits on Cloide Hamilton in all three cities/counties below (and a few others).

Copies of these documents can be ordered on-line from the county recorders of each county.

Placer County (Foresthill):

1 Dec. 2004
Doc. # 0160013

24 Nov. 1999
Doc. # 0101721

Shasta County (Anderson):

Note:'s only hit on Cloide Hamilton is in Anderson, CA (Shasta Co.)

28 July 2003
Doc. #2003-0048860

8 Nov. 2002
Doc. # 2002-0058720

Contra Costa County (San Pablo):

7 Nov. 2002
Doc. # 041577600

4 June 1993
Doc. #014056800

28 Apr. 1992
Doc. # 010935600

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Challenge to Journalists

Tell the story of Jason "Jake" Kenneth Hamilton.

He's not someone who just happened to move from Kuna to Moscow 8 years ago. He was merely passing through Kuna, one short phase of his tragic life.

He was born in San Pablo, Costa Nostra County, California, in 1970. He had deep ancestral roots in both California and in northern Idaho, but perhaps more so in northern Idaho.

His family history shows a stepmother and 4 half-brothers and half-sisters in CA in the late 70's and 80's.

Where did he grow up? What schools did he attend? How do his relatives, neighbors and schoolmates remember him?

He had an earlier marriage to someone, somewhere. What happened to her?

His criminal record started 19 Dec. 1991 in San Bernardino, CA -- assault on a spouse/cohabitant. The charges were dropped because the victim wouldn't testify.

He was next arrested almost a year later -- 20 Dec. 1992 -- for assault in Lake Havasu City, AZ. He received 2 days in jail & 1 yr. of probation on 12 Mar. 199.

He was arrested again on 1 Mar. 1993 (still on probation from Lake Havasu City) in Kingman, AZ, for marijuana possession and driving with a suspended license. These charges were dismissed.

He must have been a real sweet-looking guy by age 21:

  • Scar on right forearm
  • Tatoo on left forearm
  • Tatoo on right shoulder
  • Tatto on left shoulder

On 28 Jan. 1995 he was arrested in Tulsa, OK, for cruelty to animals -- stomping on a puppy. He was sentenced to a year in jail, which was suspended.

It appears he arrived in Idaho in 1995 or 1996. His Idaho driving record shows a license suspension from 22 Aug. 1996 until 22 Aug. 1999, apparently for something having to do with liability insurance. If any can translate "N/PF LIA INS. FULL.SR22.08-22-1996.OP", please clue me in.

Sometime between 1995 and 1999 is when he probably arrived in Kuna, most likely 1995 or 1996. My research found no association of his mother (Rebecca J. Germen Achord) with Kuna until 1998, so it's unlikely he was in Kuna long, but 2 or 3 years was long enough to get Crystal Jones involved in his ill-fated life.

He finally set up housekeeping in Moscow around 1998 or 1999, although his family ties to the region go back at least five decades -- odds are he was no stranger to the area.

He must have arrived in the Moscow area with quite a bang -- he was arrested 26 Jan. 1999 (with his usual tattoos and scar) for unlawful discharge of a firearm at a building or vehicle and disturbing the peace. Disposition and sentencing were "withheld" on two court dates -- 5 Mar. 1999 and 4 Apr. 1999.

Along the way, he racked up 4 more traffic violations (two basic rule violations,handed out by the Idaho State Police, my recollection is these are usually handed out after accidents; one for a traffic control device violation in Moscow; and one for negligent driving in WA) and acquired a concealed carry permit. The address on the concealed carry permit was 1035 Libey Road, Viola, MN 83872.

At the time of his arrest for attempted strangulation on 4 Dec. 2005, he still held a concealed carry permit, so they should have assumed he head weapons (obviously didn't check). His address at the time of his arrent was 1002 Valerie Ct., Moscow, ID 83843.

More recent events have been pretty much covered in the media.

Where are they all today?

I've removed all the contact info, at least for the time being. It's been 4 days since various media outlets were first notified of its availability. Anyone interested should have a copy by now, and some feathers were being ruffled.

I will still provide a copy to any news dept. (print or television) as long as I can verify the email address through their web page. Any reporters wanting a copy please post a comment here.

All pending comments will be unmoderated once I have a chance to reply.

Obituary for uncle Christopher Ellis Germen

CHRISTOPHER ELLIS GERMEN, 46, a Moscow, Idaho, Disability Action Center volunteer, died of an apparent heart attack 9 Jan. 1999 at home. He was born Feb. 3, 1952, to Martin Ellis and Shirley June Handley Germen at Richmond, Calif. During his senior year of high school, he moved to Princeton, Idaho. He graduated from Potlatch High School in 1970. He married Glenda Ownbey Feb. 12, 1971, at Princeton. They made their home in Princeton. He worked for the Ownbey Lumber Co., at Princeton and as a custodian for Washington State University.
He became disabled in 1979 and was unable to work. They divorced in 1990 and he moved to Moscow. He did volunteer work at the Disability Action Center in Moscow. He received the Volunteer of the Year Award for 1997 because he worked more hours than anyone in the state for the center. He liked working with clay. He loved fishing and rock 'n' roll music. He is survived by four children, Jennifer Safe of Moscow, Sarah, Katie and Billy Germen, all of Princeton; his mother of El Dorado Springs, Mo.; three sisters, Merry Bogart of Pinole, Calif., Rebecca Achord of Kuna, Idaho, and Laurel Bryant of Oakley, Calif; two brothers, Martin Germen of Eugene, Ore., and David Germen of Nevada, Mo.; and one granddaughter. He was preceded in death by his father in 1967. A memorial service will be held Thursday at 11 a.m. at the Princeton Church of the Nazarene. The Rev. Donnie Haynes of the Calvary Christian Center in Pullman will officiate.

  • Born 3 Feb. 1952
  • Died 9 Jan. 1999
  • Father Martin Ellis Germen
  • Mother Shirley June Handley Germen
  • Married Glenda Ownbey 12 Feb. 1971, Princeton, ID
  • Daughter Jennifer Safe, Moscow, ID
  • Other children Sarah, Katie & Billy Germen, Princeton, ID
  • Sister Merry Bogart, Pinole, CA (now in Caldwell, ID)
  • Sister Rebecca Achord, Kuna, ID (mother of Jason Kenneth Hamilton)
  • Sister Laurel Bryant, Oakley, CA
  • Brother Martin Germen, Eugene, OR
  • Brother David Germen, Nevada, MO (now deceased)
  • One granddaughter

Siblings of Jason Kenneth Hamilton

Father Cloide Hamilton & stepmother Randea Fordack (all half-siblings)

  • Brianna S. Hamilton 30 Jul 1975 Contra Costa Co, CA
  • Cloide Kenneth Hamilton 4 May 1978 Contra Costa Co, CA
  • Nichole Ranae Hamilton 6 Oct 1979 Contra Costa Co, CA
  • Sarah Elizabeth Hamilton 19 Apr 1981 Contra Costa Co, CA (appears to have maried Feras Abdel Almasri 15 Nov 2002 Fresno Co., CA)

There were some additional names associated with Hamilton & Fordack in CA, but my guess is that they are extended Hamilton family:

  • Kenneth K. Hamilton
  • Randy K. Hamilton
  • Sydney Hamilton
  • Gregory Wayne Hamilton
  • Reagan (also Reagen) M. Hamilton

Mother Rebecca Germen Hamilton Achord & stepfather Samuel G. Achord (not sure these are their daughters together -- half-sisters -- or Samuel Achord's daughters by a previous marriage -- stepsisters)

  • Molly Dyer Achord, born approx. 1974
  • Mattie L. Achord, born approx. 1977

Aunt who moved to Princeton/Potlatch area in 1954

Donna Germen was an aunt of Jason Kenneth Hamilton:

DONNA DELL OWNBEY GERMEN, formerly of Princeton, died Sunday, Nov. 11, 2001, of cancer at her home in Roseburg, Ore. Donna was born to Billy and Nora Ownbey in 1942 at Belle Fourche, S.D., moving with her family to Idaho in 1954 to reside on Hatter Creek until her graduation from Potlatch High School in 1960. Donna moved to California to attend beautician school where she met and married Martin Germen. They had three children, Robin, born at Richmond, Calif., Reuben, born at Moscow; and Benjamin, born at Eugene, Ore.
While at Eugene, Donna earned a bachelor's degree and master's degree in family therapy at Northwest Christian College and then obtained a certificate of substance abuse counseling from Oregon State University. Donna made her aspiration of becoming a drug and substance abuse counselor come true and worked in northern Idaho and Oregon. Donna is survived by Martin; her three children; seven grandchildren; one sister; and five brothers. Her parents preceded her in death. There will be a graveside service at 11 a.m. Monday at the Potlatch Cemetery.


  • Born 1942 Belle Fourche, SD
  • Died 11 Nov., 2001, Roseburg, OR
  • Father Billy Ownbey
  • Mother Nora Ownbey
  • Moved to Idaho 1954
  • Moved to CA & married Martin Germen
  • Daughter Robin, born Richmond, CA
  • Son Reuben, born Moscow, ID
  • Son Benjamin, born Eugene, OR

Strangely, she is not mentioned in the list of Potlatch Cemetery inscriptions which were updated in 2003.

Is there a corrections officer in the house?

Jason Kenneth Hamilton had two sisters from his mother's (Rebecca) re-marriage to Samuel G. Achord. I haven't ascertained whether they are half-sisters or step-sisters -- their approx. birth years of 1974 and 1977 are consistent with either.

According to an issue in the Sept., 2006, issue of DOC Talk (Idaho Dept. of Corrections newsletter), Mattie Achord completed her training and is an corrections officer for the State of Idaho. The Aug., 2006, issue of DOC Talk states:

But it’s the on-site training that hones the skills of each new officer and prepares them for real-life offender management.

That could have been a useful skillset in her immediate family. She had a great opportunity for some home schooling.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Another Uncle in the Moscow Area?

According to the court file, on 21 Aug. 2006, Jason Kenneth Hamilton was granted a 4.5 hour furlough to attend the funeral of his uncle, Delmer West. None of the names in Delmer West's obituary have shown up in my research before, so I'm not sure how he fits in. The obit mentions no children, either surviving or preceding him in death, yet he was survived by "14 grandchildren and numerous great-grandchildren". Or maybe this was just a ruse to get him out of jail for the afternoon?

17 Aug. 2006

Funeral services for Delmer Roy West, 68, a resident of Harvard, Idaho, will be held on Monday, Aug. 21, 2006, at 2 p.m. at the Princeton Church of the Nazarene, Princeton, Idaho. A graveside service will precede the service at noon at the Freeze Cemetery with Pastor Jim Hillbrick officiating. Potlatch Post No. 10300 will conduct military honors. Mr. West died early Sunday morning at his Harvard home from cancer. He was born on March 10, 1938, at Palouse, Wash., to Emery and Louise (Bolon) West. He attended school at Palouse and later finished his schooling at Walla Walla, Wash. Delmer served in the United States Army from 1956-1958 with time served in Germany. He married Grace Larson on Oct. 3, 1958, and the couple were later divorced. He later married Lela Northrup in 1974 and the couple were later divorced. He married N. Jeanne Becker Erickson on Sept. 11, 1992, at Coeur d’Alene, and the couple made their home at Harvard. Mr. West was a painter and worked with his father for about 10 years. Delmer later worked for the Great Northern Railroad on the section crew for about two years. From 1974 to 2003, Delmer worked road construction for Poe Asphalt Co., in Washington and Idaho. He worked as a flagman for the Northstar Company for the past several years when he retired. Mr. West had been ill with cancer since March of 2005. Delmer attended the Church of the Nazarene at Princeton. He was also a member of Local No. 238, Spokane. Mr. West enjoyed hunting, fishing, horses and raising cattle. Survivors include his wife, Jeanne West, at the Harvard home; two stepsons, Steven R. Heimbigner of Boise and Douglas A Heimbigner of Seattle; one stepdaughter, Karen Heimbigner, of College Place, Wash.; two sisters Maxine Grady of Milton-Freewater, Ore., and Rosemary Northrup of Walla Walla; 14 grandchildren; and numerous great-grandchildren.


  • Died 13 Aug. 2006
  • Born 10 Mar. 1938, Palouse, WA
  • Father Emery West
  • Mother Louise Bolon
  • Married Grace Larson 3 Oct. 1958, Palouse, WA; later divorced
  • Married Lela Northrup 1973; later divorce
  • Married N. Jeanne Becker Erickon 11 Sept. 1992, Coeur D'Alene, ID
  • Stepson Steven R. Heimbigner, Boise, ID
  • Stepson Douglas A. Heimbigner, Seattle, ID
  • Stepdaughter Karen Heimbigner, College Place, WA
  • Sister Maxine Grady, Milton-Freewater, OR
  • SisterRosemary Northrup, Walla Walla, WA
  • 14 grandchildren, numerous great-grandchildren

If someone sees the actual connection between Delmer Roy West and either Jason Kenneth Hamilton or anyone else in this blog, please clue me in!

Stepmother bankruptcy

From Contra Costa County, CA, recorded documents:

Record date: 4 Sept. 1992
Document #: 022416100
Name: Devares Randea S.
Document type: Bankruptcy

Mother's DWI Arrest

From the Kuna Melba News police blotter for April, 2006:

4-7: DUI arrest. A concerned citizen unsuccessfully tried to stop an
intoxicated driver from leaving a business in Kuna. Rebecca J. Achord was
located and arrested at her home.

Rebecca J. Achord is the mother of Jason Kenneth Hamilton.

Hamiltons Divorced in Bonner Co. 2004

According to this article Jason and Crystal Hamilton were divorced in Bonner County in 2004.


  • Married in Kuna, ID, 20 Mar. 2002
  • Jason Hamilton's 2nd marriage
  • Crystal Jone's first marriage
  • Filed for divorce 3 Aug. 2004
  • Divorce granted same day
  • Filing showed separate Moscow addresses
  • 3 days later asked to have divorce dismissed, request was denied by judge, no further action in case

See previous posting Nevada Marriage Records in this blog. It's a big country -- I've encountered countless false matches in genealogical research & in tracking down long-lost alumni. I'll leave that question open for now.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Father's First Marriage

From Contra Costa county marriage records searchable on-line:

Marriage date: 11 Jan. 1969
Groom: Cloide K. Hamilton
Bride: Rebecca Joyce Germen

More local ties back to 1954

I've learned that his family connections go back to 1954 when his the parents of two of Jason Hamilton's future aunts moved to a dairy farm near Princeton.

BILLY MURPHY OWNBEY, 87, Princeton resident, 5 Aug. 2000

Billy Murphy Ownbey, long-time Princeton resident, died Friday morning at Good Samaritan Nursing Home. He was 87. He was born July 26, 1913, at Kirksville, Mo., to Francis M. and Jennie Murphy Ownbey. The family moved to Heulett, Wyo., when he was a child. He attended school there and was married to Nora Dell Hazelbaker at Alliance, Neb., on Nov. 23, 1939. They moved to California in 1944 where he worked as a logger. In 1954, they moved to Princeton and purchased a dairy farm that they operated. He also worked at the Potlatch Mill in Potlatch. He enjoyed gardening and spending time with his grandchildren. He was a member of the Princeton Church of the Nazarene. Mrs. Ownbey died in October 1998. Surviving are five sons, Dennis of Princeton, Bruce of Bend, Ore., Tom and Warren, both of Princeton and Randal of Potlatch; two daughters, Donna Germen of Roseburg, Ore., and Glenda Germen of Princeton; 27 grand and 11 great-grand children; four sisters, Martha Nichols at Emida, Idaho, Helen Vest of Spokane, Oleva Powell of Everett, Wash., and Dorothy Anderson of Worland, Wyo.; one brother, Gerald Ownbey at Afton, Minn. A graveside service will be held at 10 a.m. Monday at the Potlatch Cemetery.


Note: only the daughters who married into the Germen normally would be considered relatives.
  • Born 26 July 1913, Kirksville, MO
  • Father Francis M. Ownbey
  • Mother Jennie Murphy Ownbey
  • Married Nora Dell Hazelbaker 23 Nov, 1939, Alliance, NE
  • Moved to Princeton, ID, 1954
  • Nora Ownbey died Oct. 1998
  • Son Dennis, Princeton, ID
  • Son Bruce, Bend, OR
  • Son Tom, Princeton, ID
  • Son Warren, Princeton, ID
  • Son Randal, Potlatch, ID
  • Daughter Donna Germen, Roseburg, OR (now deceased, wife of Martin Germen who was an uncle of Jason Kenneth Hamilton)
  • Daughter Glenda Germen, Princeton, ID (ex-wife of the now deceased Christopher Germen of Potlatch & Moscow, uncle of Jason Kenneth Hamilton; apparently two Ownbey daughters married two Germen brothers)
  • Sister Martha Nichols, Emida, ID
  • Sister Helen Vest, Spokane, WA
  • Sister Oleva Powell, Everett, WA
  • Sister Dorothy Anderson, Worland, WY
  • Brother Gerald Ownbey, Afton, MN
  • 27 grandchildren, 11 great-grandchildren

From the index of Potlatch Cemetery inscriptions:

  • Ownbey, Billy Murphy, b. Jul 26, 1913, d. Aug 04, 2000, s/w & h/o Nora Dell, m. Nov 23, 1939
  • Ownbey, Nora Dell, b. May 03, 1917, d. Oct 15, 1998, s/w & w/o Billy Murphy, m. Nov 23, 1939

Northern Idaho relatives

Uncle Christopher Ellis Germen died 9 Jan. 1999 and is buried in Potatch Cemetery. The cemetery transcriptions are here.

Intelius search (Intelius will provide additional information for a fee) for Christopher Germen (deceased uncle):

(1) Christopher Ellis Germen, age 55

Previous Cities: Moscow, ID
Relatives: Glenda Gayle Germen

(2) Christopher Ellis Germen, age 55

Previous cities: Moscow, ID; Princeton, ID

Intelius search (Intelius will provide additional information for a fee) for Glenda Germen (apparent aunt):

(1) Glenda Gayle Germen, age 53

Previous cities: Princeton, ID; Moscow, ID
Relatives: William E. Germen, Billy Ellis Bogart Germen, Christopher
Ellis Germen

(2) Glenda G. Germen, age 53

Previous cities: Princeton, ID; Moscow, ID
Relatives: Chris Germen

Another Intelius match:

(1) Sarah Rachel Germen

Previous cities: Moscow, ID; Princeton, ID; Pullman, WA
Relatives: Sarah Rachel Germen, Christopher Ellis Germen, William E.
Germen, Glenda Gayle Germen, Billy Ellis Bogart Germen, Jennifer Gayle Germen,
Chris Germen

Step mother: Likely current info

Some of Jason Kenneth Hamilton's brushes with the law happened in Lake Havasu, AZ, perhaps there to join his step-mother and siblings.

(info removed but available to media)

Bouse is 65 miles from Lake Havasu City, AZ

Northern Idaho Connection: Obituary for grandmother Shirley "June" Handley Germen

This begins the northern Idaho connection.

Unfortunately, there is no text copy of the full obituary available (it is downloaded in image format), but if you access the Kuna Melba News and enter "Germen" in the achives search box, it shows up on p. 16 of the 21 Feb. 2007 edition. Click on the "16" at the left of the line and you can download and view the page image in GIF format.


  • Born 28 Jan. 1920
  • Married Martin Ellis Germen 6 Nov. 1939
  • Widowed with 4 children still at home Sept. 1967
  • Moved to Princeton, ID with her last two children
  • Earned her GED at age 55 (would be 1975)
  • Survived by son Martin (Carmen) Germen of Eugene, OR
  • Survived by daughter Marry L. Bogart of Caldwell, ID
  • Survived by daughter Rebecca J. (Sam) Accord of Kuna, ID
  • Survived by daughter Laurel L. Bryant of Oakley, CA
  • Survived by brother C.M. Handley of Absaroke, MT
  • Preceded in death by son Christopher Ellis Germen of Princeton, ID
  • Preceded in death by son David Rhys Germen of Nevada, MO

So it would appear that Jason Kenneth Hamilton has had family ties to the Moscow area since sometime between 1967 and 1975.

Obituary of uncle David Rhys Germen

From here:

DAVID RYHS GERMEN: David Rhys Germen, 44, Nevada, passed away Jan. 22, 2001, at St. John Regional Medical Center, Joplin. He was born Nov. 11, 1956, in San Pablo, CA, to Ellis and June Handley Germen. In August 1979 he married Leslie K. Pullin in Miami, OK. Mr. Germen was a graduate of the Fort Scott Community College School of Nursing. He was employed as a registered nurse until complications of kidney failure no longer permitted him to work. Survivors include his wife, Leslie, of the home; a son, Nathen Germen, of the home; a step-son, Jason Long, of the home; a daughter, Connie Townsen-Idaho; his mother, June Germen-El Dorado Springs; one brother, Martin Germen-Oregon; three sisters - Merry Bogart - Pinole, CA, Rebecca Achord - Kuna, ID and Laurel Bryant - California. He was preceded in death by his father, Ellis Germen, and one brother, Chris Germen. Private services will be held at a later date with arrangement by Evergreen Memorial Chapel, Nevada. Memorial contributions may be made to the family in care of Evergreen Memorial Chapel P.O. Box 894, Nevada, MO 64772.

  • Resided Nevada, MO
  • Died 22 Jan 2001, Joplin, MO
  • Born 11 Nov., 1956, San Pablo, CA
  • Father Ellis Germen
  • Mother June Handley Germen
  • Married Leslie K. Pullin Aug., 1979, Miami, OK
  • Son Nathen Germen
  • Stepson Jason Long
  • Daughter Connie Townsen, Idaho
  • Mother June Germen (now deceased)
  • Brother Martin Germen, OR
  • Sister Merry Bogart, Pinole, CA
  • Sister Rebecca Achord, Kuna, ID (mother of Jason Kenneth Hamilton)
  • Laurel Bryant, CA
  • Preceded in death by father Ellis Germen
  • Preceded in death by brother Chris Germen

Mother -- recent information

Rebecca J. Accord, (address & phone removed but available to media) birth date 3 Aug. 1950 (matches birth date for Rebecca Joyce Germen, Contra Costa Co., CA), spouse Sam G. Achord

Former address (1998-99): Rebecca Achord, 1413 - 1st. St. W., Meridian, ID 83642-2207

Internet ad to sell a cremation niche:

Property Info:Property Type: Cremation NicheLocation: MausoleumNumber of Spaces: 2 to 4 depending on sizePrice: $5000Description: Beautiful location just off the freeway overlooking San Pablo Bay. Well kept and comfortable all year round.Cemetery Info:Rolling Hills Memorial ParkHilltop DriveP O Box 817El Sobrante, CA 94803 USAContact Info:Rebecca Achord Phone: (removed but available to media)
Note phone # (Meridian, ID, cell phone exchange) & email addy

Nevada Marriage Records

14 June 1975, Randea Sue Fordack, CA, Cloide Kenneth Hamilton, CA (father, step-mother)

(1) Randea Sue Fordack is likely the Randea Sunshine Hamilton
(Hamiltondevares) that the Intelius search turned up
(2) Fordack is the mother's maiden name of his half brother Cloide Kenneth
Hamilton born 4 May 1978

8 April 1991, Randea S. Fordack, CA & Daniel M Devares, CA (step-mother's next marriage)

(3) Randea's last name was listed as Hamiltondevares in the Intelius

13 Oct. 2001, Jason Hamilton & Christy Jones (killer & victim?) married in Clark Co., NV

(4) Newspaper articles said it wasn't apparently when Jason Hamilton
married Crystal Jones. Perhaps she wrote her name as Christy, or it
was erroneously transcribed.

This last one is quite possibly a false match. See conflicting info in a newer post.

Intelius Searches for father

Note: Intelius will provide additional information for a fee.

Search on father (Cloide Hamilton, CA) yielded following:

(1) Cloide Hamilton, age 65

Previous cities: Anderson, CA; San Pablo, CA; Vacaville,

Relatives: Randea S. Hamilton, Kenneth K. Hamilton, Randy
Hamilton, Nichole R. Hamilton, Sarah E. Hamilton, Sydney Hamilton,
Brianna S.

(2) Cloide K. Hamilton, age 60

Previous cities: Anderson, CA; Foresthill,

Relatives: Briana Sunshine Hamilton

My initial guess for name of father's spouse was Briana Sunshine Hamilton, but searching Intelius for her turned up a better guess: Randea Sunshine Hamilton

(1) Randea S. Hamiltondevares, age 51 (probably his step mother, note "Devares" on end of name):

Previous cities: Anderson, CA; Cottonwood, CA; San Pablo, CA;
Fairfield, CA; Fresno, CA; Susanville, CA; El Cerrito, CA; El Sobrante, CA;
Richmond, CA

Relatives: Briana Hamilton, Gregory Wayne Hamilton, Reagan M.
Hamilton, Reagen M. Hamilton, Cloide K. Hamilton, Kenneth K. Hamilton, Nichole
R. Hamilton, Sarah E. Hamilton, Sydney Hamilton

Father & Half-brother

CA birth records for Cloide Hamilton (name of father & half-brother, see earlier post):

Apparent half-brother:

Name: Cloide Kenneth Hamilton

Birth Date: 4 May 1978

Mother's Maiden Name: Fordack

County: Contra Costa

Apparent father:

Name: Cloide Kenneth Hamilton

Birth Date: 24 Sept. 1949

Mother's Maiden Name: Kirk

County: Los Angeles

Birth Record

From California Birth Records, 1905-1995:

Name: Jason K. Hamilton

Birth Date: 29 Nov. 1970

Gender: Male

Mother's Maiden Name: Germen

County: Contra Costa (San Francisco area)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Names of parents

Found on message boards is the this posting:

From: Rebecca J Achord> Subject: [CACONTRA]
Birth Family Date: Fri, 25 May 2001 19:45:34 -0600 Posted on: Contra Costa Co.
Ca QueriesReply Here:
Hamilton-------------------------Jason Kenneth Hamilton,born 11/29/70 in San
Pablo, Contra Costa County.Would like to reach birth father or other family
members. Have lost alltouch, can anyone help? Father and half brother are both
Cloide "Kenneth"Hamiltons.
This thread:
Birth Family
by Rebecca J Achord>

The birth date of 29 Nov. 1970 matches the birth date in his rap sheet that was posted by the Spokesman Review.

Father and half-brother are both named Cloide "Kenneth" Hamilton.

Also found in the same message board is this posting:

From: Rebecca Achord> Subject: [CACONTRA]
Sons family Date: Fri, 25 May 2001 19:40:00 -0600 Posted on: Contra Costa Co. Ca
QueriesReply Here:
Hamilton-------------------------Jason Hamilton born 11/29/70. Has lost conact
w/ father Cloide "Ken" Hamilton.Can anyone help?
This thread:
Sons family
by Rebecca Achord>

Note reference to "Sons family". as of 25 May 2001 it would appear that the mother of Jason Kenneth Hamilton was known by the name of Rebecca "Beckie" J. Achord.